This is a copy of the letter sent to Michelle Kydd Lee and members of the KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit Advisory Council.


April 28, 2015

Ashwini in the Round

Dear Ms. Kydd Lee:

I join with Donna Kassman to extend my congratulations to you on all that you have achieved in your career, and I am deeply impressed by what you have accomplished. I was particularly touched by your story of how, as a working mother of two young children, you felt the need to continually prove to your bosses at the Creative Artists Agency that they made the right decision by choosing you to manage a significant project, and to show other women that work and family could coexist and hopefully thrive, even if you weren’t sure how to do that yet.

After spending a summer interning at KPMG, I started as an Associate in January 2005. A little over two years later, KPMG promoted me to Senior Associate. I did very well at KPMG. I got strong performance ratings and Encore awards, which are awards KPMG gives for going “above and beyond.” I had my first daughter soon after my promotion, and I really thought, like you, that work and family could coexist, and even thrive, at KPMG too.

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