This site was started in response to a media campaign that KPMG recently launched. KPMG is an international company that provides tax, audit and consulting services to other companies. It has 82 offices and nearly 23,000 partners and employees in the US alone. It made more than $23 billion in 2013. The media campaign is a big, glossy one around women’s leadership and shattering glass ceilings.

We’re all for women and we’re all for shattering glass ceilings.

But KPMG’s website claims that its campaign “further demonstrates KPMG’s commitment to the development, advancement, and empowerment of women.” And KPMG’s expensive television spots staring golf celebrities have led to some pretty one-sided press.

None of that press has addressed the fact that KPMG is currently the defendant in a large gender discrimination class action – one that has approximately 1,300 women (current and former employees) who have joined as plaintiffs.


The truth is that there is a very real glass ceiling at KPMG.


The truth is that KPMG pays women less than it pays men for doing the same work. According to self-reported pay data on the public webpage, women at KPMG are being paid an average of $6,827 less than men every year; after five years, that same disparity would mean women are underpaid by men by at least $34,135.


The truth is that for hundreds, and perhaps thousands of women, KPMG has not been an employer that shatters glass ceilings. Instead, it has been an employer that created and reinforced them. This site is about giving some of those women who are Plaintiffs in the litigation the opportunity to share their own perspectives and stories. This website is an opportunity to tell the rest of the story… the whole KPMG story. It’s time to inspire fairness. It’s time to inspire truth.